Friday, May 23, 2008

Thoughts on Situation in Burma

According to the BBC, General Than Shwe, the military leader of Burma (Myanmar) is finally agreed to "let all foreign aid workers into the country for relief work in cyclone-hit areas." UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has met with the general today to discuss disaster relief. Personally, I think it is an answer to the prayers of the many Christians who consider the hesitation of Burmese leaders to be saddening at the least and at the most a crime against humanity. When you compare the post-cyclone situation to the Chinese post-earthquake situation at least the Chinese government is readily helping its own people without hesitation. So today is a step in the right direction for the families affected in Burma. Now maybe the world will wake up the horrible situation that ethnic and religious minority populations (especially women) have had in Burma under the leadership of General Than Shwe. For more information on Burmese womens' situation see the report by the Karen Women's Organization in February 2007.

photo from christabelle @ flickr

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