Monday, December 01, 2008

Yes Wii Can!

Joy has already come to the world, and it is the American Dream. What joy this Jesus may give as an interior, mystical so-called “warm-fuzzy feeling” is all fine and well. But this absurd notion that the caroler’s feeble myth can commit any more joy upon the brotherhood of man than is available to the inner person through any other religious path must be exposed for the foolishness it is! The thinking, contemplative person sees immediately that it is democracy, technology, and consumer capitalism that bring joy to the world. Nintendos, not dead Rabbis, repeat such sounding joys as our youth can make. Carolers insisting that this rogue sovereign brings joy to even the fields would deny that great rallying cry of our entertainment-driven way of life, “Yes Wii can!”

- from a satirical piece via Jesus Manifesto suggesting the prohibition of Christmas carols

So if you go caroling this Christmas please remember the gospel message that you are proclaiming.